Friday, November 26, 2010


Although my shoulder is still bugging me, and my neck is still kinked so that it hurts to look forward while biking and is nearly impossible to turn my head to the right, things are looking pretty good on the treadmill. Of all things this is a particular surprise, but I'm really trying to make things interesting while on the go-nowhere machine and, as a result, have discovered that it makes the time go faster. I don't wear headphones, I don't watch TV, and I don't try and distract myself from the effort in any other way (though I can't think of any other way that I COULD ever try to use as a form of distraction at the moment). What I am trying to do is to make my BQ marathon pace (or the pace at which I will have to run to qualify for Boston until I turn 40) as easy as possible.

My plan? To use the treadmill for this very purpose. Today was another bit of a test and, like Wednesday's effort, it is encapsulated in all its glory within the following crappy HTML table because cut-and-paste is a wonderful thing...

DurationSpeedPace (miles)Pace (km)

Yes, the total was 8km of running at a decent pace for yours truly, and twenty minutes were run at my PMP (which I'm sure is pronounced "Pimp"). That means I was Pimpin' for twenty minutes straight!


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Blogger Bert said...

Pretty decent overall pace, nothing wrong with 8 minute miles... What is your BQ target time? Marathon pace running (in moderation) is very important for reaching that elusive BQ target!

November 28, 2010 at 10:28 PM  
Blogger Vava said...

Bert: Thanks! BQ target for me is 3:15, so 7:26/mile pace. I have a tendency to get carried away with this stuff so your word of caution is much appreciated. I figure if I can make 8 minute miles general aerobic then I will have a shot at my BQ since it's only about 30s per mile faster. My goal is to hit it next Fall, so lots of time to get the work in!

November 29, 2010 at 8:31 AM  

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