Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kinked and Tready

This morning I awoke with the absolute WORST kink in my neck! I haven't felt this bad since I had whiplash for the better part of a year following a car crash in my teens. Anyway, the situation is shitty, but I was not going to let it deter me from my plan to (begrudgingly) run on the treadmill at lunchtime...

Yes, the wife and youngest loin-fruit are away and so I am alone with the first-born. He's still too young to leave alone at home and, therefore, I have to fit my running into slots when he is being supervised by other "adults". Case in point, last night while he was at basketball practice I took to the streets and ran a decent 6km in the cold and windy conditions. Given how cold it was and the fact that we were using our bikes to get around (see above re: wife and loin-fruit being away and assume that they have the car) I wonder if my neck kinking was as a result of this mode of travel...

Anyway, this morning on the way to work I could barely look up and definitely could not do a shoulder check to the right. Thank goodness I don't live in England and that the left side is much more important for such checking than the right!

Anyway, I went to the gym partly to run and partly to stand under the hot water of a nice shower afterwards. Yesterday the water in the showers was not hot and I was really hoping that this would not be a repeat occurrence. Luckily, as I found out, the water was hot, but my neck remained as kinked as ever.

Anyway for the second time, my run was done in a decent fashion, all things considered, and I even tested out my planned marathon pace for a spell. Since my neck is hurting me, and I wanted to refresh my memory on creating tables in HTML, here is the summary of my 6km (3.71mile) run:

DurationSpeedPace (miles)Pace (km)

So, there you have it in all its crappy HTML table glory. Apparently if I am kinked I can still run, though I don't have to like the experience, especially if it's on the human hamster wheel (and to add insult to injury one that measures things in American units!).

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