Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Workouts in One Day? Yes Please!

In another life I think I'd have chosen some profession where being physically active was not only advantageous, but also profitable. Alas, I was not blessed with athletic abilities good enough to earn me any money, but I still like to be active.

How active? If I had it my way I'd probably just find enough types of workouts to fill up my days. I find it very tough to sit still and am typically doing something even when I shouldn't be. Case in point, watching TV is almost never done sitting down. I'm either doing chores (folding laundry is a common one), stretching, or exercising. These are typically unstructured type workouts and I don't bother documenting what I do. I just grab whatever I feel like and go to town. Push ups, chin ups, abs, all sorts of dumbbell and barbell stuff. Anything goes.

That being said days like today are rare. Last year I ran to and from work a bunch of times, but for some reason I did not do this even once in a very long time. I decided last night that it would be fun to try it again and got my stuff set to go so that I wouldn't have to scramble too much in the morning.

The only thing that I miscalculated was the weight of my backpack! By the time I loaded it up with my dry cleaned pairs of pants, lunch bag full of food, a bag of workout clothes for the gym, and who knows what else the thing was full and very heavy. Nevertheless, I was undeterred and once the boys got on the school bus I faced the strong wind and set off.

And boy was that wind against me. The entire frickin' way! So I was weighed down, wind blown, and working much harder than I'd intended on my 6.35km journey given that I was running to work and preferred to arrive slightly less than drenched. It's a good thing I'm not much of a sweater (rim shot!) because I didn't really sweat all that much until I got in the elevator.

At lunch I put on my thin running windbreaker (I think the wind has to be slight for it to actually break anything) and went over to the gym, arriving very chilled, and had a decent chest and arm workout with some abdominal stuff to boot. It was one of those workouts that leaves you barely able to wash your hair afterwards. Good times!

Then, after more work in the afternoon, I set off once again for my run home and the third workout of the day. This run was not as much fun. I once again had to fight the wind for significant portions and my stomach did not feel very good at all. On top of that I got a bad stitch in my ribs for the first time in forever that never resolved itself despite my best efforts to alter my breathing patterns and such. I did manage to complete the 7.35km stretch home and then jumped in the car to get the boys from school. Upon getting home I was very happy to get in the shower, that's for sure. I was frozen by then!

Anyway, 13.7km of running and a weight training workout makes for a good day of training in my book.

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