Friday, March 11, 2011

A Couple of Tests for the Knee

Yesterday I took my first full day "off" in a long time. How long? Well, I couldn't remember so I had to go back into the plan and check. Upon checking I was actually surprised that the last time I did not do any sort of running or working out for a whole day was January 25th. I was sick, and I guess I conveniently forget days where I am forced to rest because of illness and choose only to think of those damned days where injury forced me to take a break. My right calf forced me to take a couple of days off on January 14th and 15th, and I suppose that wasnt' that long ago after all.

Anyway, after yesterday, which was spent at a conference and, to be perfectly honest, is the real reason I didn't end up at the gym pumping some sort of iron, I was itching to try out the knee on the road. So this morning I went through my usual routine with one major exception: I finally cracked open the box of new Asics 2150 running shoes that I had purchased over Christmas. I have a sneaking suspicion that part of the reason for my left knee giving out is that my current pair of road shoes (I have a second pair for the treadmill) is up at 528 miles.

The run on the new shoes was a bit creaky, but the knee held up well and the shoes felt great. I always feel a bit weird coming back to running after a forced break of more than a day and this was no exception. I did the usual 8.5km loop and was quite happy to have no setbacks.

Today was once again spent at the conference, but since it ended early I decided to get to the gym and run a bit bore on the treadmill. This run felt even better than the morning jaunt and I managed to complete 10km (6.22 miles) in 49:43. The knee, once again, was good and despite that I am sitting and icing it while I type.

I happy to be back on the road and will continue to be cautious for the next little while. I guess 18.5km of running on the first day back may be considered a bit much for someone of my running history, but I think it was OK for me to do this as I kept the pace easy and really didn't feel any ill effects both during and after my runs.

Here's hoping the weekend goes well also!

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Blogger Nelly said...

Glad to hear that your knee is doing better! My knee is feeling better I think, I didn't run this whole week, and only played soccer today. Soccer seemed to go well, I didn't feel much pain at all. So tomorrow will be the big test to see how I feel. I'm still going to try to stretch, ice and foam roll like no tomorrow, haha

And you may have already been tagged with this, but I tagged you as a stylish blogger on my blog. Check out more details on my site, haha It has been great getting to know you the past couple months.

March 14, 2011 at 1:42 AM  
Blogger Vava said...

Nelly: Thanks!

I've been out of commission this whole week, and that's an understatement, but it's not because of the knee. Now that I'm starting to recover a post on what went on will go down shortly...

Glad to hear your knee is feeling better!

March 18, 2011 at 9:10 AM  

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