Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Little Oh Oh!

Yesterday I had a bit of pain starting in the back of my left knee and it really bugged me when I ran my 8.5km easy run around the neighbourhood. Although I finished the distance and wasn't super concerned, I did not have time to ice and stretch afterward as I had to drive Owen to his basketball tournament in Hamilton. The weather was nasty, the driving was scary, but the kids played amazing and won their first two games of the year going 2-1 on the day! The first win was very exciting because they not only had a buzzer beater at the end of one of the periods late in the game, but also won the game 23-21 on another buzzer beater! My vocal chords were shot after the first game, but I kept cheering the rest of the day, which was very long and had us home well past 9:30pm after more than twelve hours away from home.

This morning I woke up to find that the non-stop rain which started on Friday had turned to snow overnight and I had to shovel the driveway before I could think about doing anything else. With the knee pain and the snow all over the place I headed to the gym and the dreaded treadmill. Once there I commenced to do the longest run of my life indoors. It was tough, boring, and the knee was OK for the first hour, but gave me real trouble for the first twenty minutes of the second hour. I really considered just stopping at 10 miles. In the end I toughed it out and ran 14.14 miles (22.75km) and even though this was well short of the planned twenty-eight kilometres I will take it, all things considered. Now I'm icing the leg, waiting for the rest of the clan to return from winter camp, and then we can head off to Hamilton to see Owen play more basketball. I am really sorry to be missing the semi-final, but I am very excited to perhaps watch the final! GO OWEN!!!

This completes another decent week of running. The total mileage is the most for the year and since last summer, coming in at 77.05km (47.9 miles). I would have set a personal record had I been able to do the planned distance for the long run. Darn it!

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Blogger Nelly said...

nice week of running for you too! Hopefully your left knee doesn't flare up too much, I actually noticed a little bit of pain in my left knee after doing my time trial ish 13.5 miles on Saturday. I think I need to take it easy now on long runs, and back off on the distance for a bit.

Hopefully the weather improves in Toronto for you!

March 7, 2011 at 3:43 PM  

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