Friday, December 17, 2010

Garmin, This Bugs Me!

I don't know about you, but I like my metrics. Yes, I am slow. Yes, my mileage is modest at best. But I still find a lot of satisfaction in watching my improvements add up on my computer. One of the ways in which I do this is the Garmin Connect service that replaced Motionbased a while back. Although it is far from perfect the site does serve an important purpose for my training since it gives me one place where I can input all my running, strength training, and whatever else I may be doing and then allows me to look at historical reports based on activity type.

Anyway, I know it's somewhat stupid but I do find tracking my progress important to maintaining my motivation at a high level. Freeze your nipples off cold and dark as hell in the early morning? I'll still go out even if it's only because I may not want that guilty feeling that comes with having nothing to enter into the training log.

So it has been somewhat frustrating that Garmin Connect has been on the fritz and will not allow me to enter any manual activities for the past two days. I've contacted their support department, and to their credit they have responded quickly. But solutions are not imminent. The last communication was a brush off: "There will be updates to the website next Wednesday. Wait and try after that."

Thanks for nothing.

At least I still managed to go out in the cold and slippery morning for a slow 5km run. And then at lunch I hit the treadmill for a steady 8km where I did the first five minutes at 6.2mph (6:00/km, 9:39/mile) and then jumped the speed up to 7.6mph (4:54/km, 7:53/mile) for the rest of the run. That means that I ran 7.22km at the faster pace, which is kind of cool. The incline was set at 1% for the whole thing and when I hit the Stop button at 5.00 miles on the nose the timer read 40:24.

Now I just want to load it up to the Interweb thing and release some more endorphins!!!

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