Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Square One?

This morning I had real trouble dragging my butt out of bed for my first run of the week. It has been two weeks of vacation and a mostly sleeping in to whatever time we felt like. Today is not only the first day of school for the boys, but also my first day back at work. Let's just say we all had trouble waking up, but yours truly at least did manage to run.

I started off at 6:02am even though I laid in bed for a full twenty minutes after my alarm went off at 5:30. Here's to getting ready pretty quick! The first bit of the run was stiff and slow, but I loosened up as the thing went on and in the end I was running each split faster than the previous one toward the end of the run. The 10km was not speedy or anything, but I'll take it. The heal is still a bother, though I am less worried about it. Besides, with less than three weeks to go for my first marathon attempt there is not much I can do anyway.

This afternoon found me back in the gym for my usual lunch time weight training session. Boy did I feel weak! It felt like I was totally back at square one as far as strength goes, and even ab work was a struggle. I'm guessing it's just rust, but it sure was a suprise. Two weeks off after eight straight months and I'm feeling like a weakling with no energy whatsoever?! Weird... It was an upper body workout as I am leaving my legs alone still. I'll likely do some leg weight on Thursday and a couple of times each week leading up to the race, but I will be keeping it extra easy.

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