Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slow as Dirt

This morning was supposed to be twelve kilometres.
This morning was supposed to be intervals.
This morning was supposed to be fun.

Alas, it was none of the above.

Instead I found myself shuffling along at a snail's pace doing my darnedest (sp? is that a word?) to keep things as pain free as possible. My legs are way too stiff, and from what I have no clue, and my right ankle and heel are still giving me problems, although there are signs of improvement.

I knew within the first few hundred metres that track work was not going to be possible, but ran in that direction anyway still holding out hope. As I neared the track I saw the same shirtless elderly gentleman doing laps while flip-flapping all over the place, I saw the same elderly woman walking around the track with enough layers on for a cold winter's day, and I saw the same old guy with the hockey helmet and pads on every possible body part rollerblading around the track. I did not see myself going there and simply kept on running by.

If you could call what I was doing "running". The truth is I was happy to just be moving. Right around that point, which was just before the 2km mark, I also decided that twelve kilometres was not a good idea either. I did not want to jeopardize a chance at my weekend long run for the sake of a few extra mid-week clicks. And so I ran until I hit 5km and turned around, heading home.

I struggled through 10km in the end, and my heart rate barely broke 120bpm (the average was 119bpm actually). I'll stick this run in my training log and forget about it. Now it's back to icing that ankle and resting the running muscles until Friday morning. Well, I do have leg weights on tap for Thursday, and I will likely do those since we are leaving on holidays and I will not have access to a gym for at least two weeks. That will definitely give my legs a break as I finish off the high mileage in the training plan and slide on into taper mode.

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