Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Plains of Abraham

Today we arrived in Quebec City on our journey East and checked into our hotel mid-afternoon. This gave us plenty of time to explore Old Quebec, and I was even able to fit in a short recovery run!

I absolutely love this place. It definitely has that Old Europe feel to it, and I was happy to find that it has not become overly commercialized in the pursuit of the tourist dollar. We walked around inside the old city walls meandering up and down the narrow streets soaking in the atmosphere. Too many great things to mention, and really all that I will say is everyone should make this place a destination at some point.

Prior to dinner I went back to the hotel while the rest of the family continued to explore Old Quebec and got changed for my recovery run. The weather was not particularly nice for us today, but that didn't dampen our spirits. When I set off on my run it was rainy and quite windy. I had no idea where I would  run, but our hotel was nicely situated near the historic Plains of Abraham, and so I just pointed myself toward the river and set off. Although I didn't run very much on the Plains themselves, I zig-zagged my way down the steep embankment along some streets and paved paths and eventually onto trails in the woods. It was awesome!

This was one of those magical runs that I was sad to have end. Despite my 35km run the day before my legs felt great and I was able to effortlessly glide down the hills and then maintain the same pace climbing back up! In the end I got a little to far away and ran more than the planned five kilometres as my run ended up being 5.45km in total. I also set another weekly mileage record as this extra little bit put me just ahead of my previous record of eighty kilometres at 80.45km.

After the run I showered and headed back into the old part of the city where I met up with the family for a great dinner at a lovely little restaurant. I ate a tonne! And it was good.

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