Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mirror Image

This morning was pretty much exactly the same as yesterday morning: I had trouble getting out of bed, I made it outside right at 6am, and then I ran a nice 10km that got faster as I went along. The only difference was that I went in the exact opposite direction! The map of my two runs look almost like a mirror image. (Well, not exactly, but both were an out-and-back with a loop at the far end.)

Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normal and I am almost optimistic that I will arrive at the starting line on September 26th free of pain and ready to run a full 42.2km without anxiety.

I am also mulling my goals for the race. The first and foremost goal is to finish and have fun. But a secondary goal that has been running through my mind is that it would be nice for me to run faster over the marathon distance than I did at the Around the Bay 30k back in March of 2009. I think I have a legit shot at 3:38:26, no?



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