Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hit and Miss - Preliminary Race Report from the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Well, I am a marathoner at least! Although I am a bit disappointed with what happened today I can't be too upset because I DID finish. My body (likely due to the illness that had me confined to my bed for three days earlier this week with absolutely no appetite) let me down in the latter stages of the race, but it was my first marathon experience and that is worth a lot. I am too sore and tired to give a complete rundown, so here are the stats at least:

  • Overall Place: 1083/2713
  • Category Place: 139/281
  • Gender Place: 811/1680
  • Gun Time: 3:59:59.3 (pace 5:42/km)
  • Chip Time: 3:57:40.3 (pace 5:39/km)
  • 10K: 50:38 (pace 5:04/km overall)
  • 21.1K: 1:45:27 (pace 5:00/km overall)
  • 30K: 2:30:30 (pace 5:01/km overall)
  • 35K: 3:04:18 (pace 5:16/km overall)
  • 40K: 3:41:27 (pace 5:32/km overall)
Later I will tell you just why I died in the last ten kilometres...



Blogger Bert said...

Congratulations on joining the club, will be looking for the details to follow! Rest up and recover.

September 26, 2010 at 11:19 PM  

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