Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 2010 Review

The month of May was good to me, as far as running goes, and otherwise. I reached some new milestones and completed my first half marathon! A summary bullet list is all I can come up with...

  • Ran 225.6km (goal was 200km)
  • Averaged 50.9km per week (goal was 45km per week)
  • Weighed in at a steady 187.7lbs despite slacking off on the diet a bit
  • Ran a half marathon with over 9000 others and had a great time, both literally and figuratively!
Now as I take another recovery week I am looking forward to a great June and a nice Summer of training for my first marathon. I just hope that I don't pay any physical price, in the form of injury, for pushing myself a bit more than intended during the race. (Right now I am of the opinion that it was totally worth it!)



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