Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Running - Strange but True

I'd have to look way back in the training log to find another Thursday where I'd done a training run. It is an odd day for me to be running given the way my schedule has been set up over the past six months, but here I was running as a result of some schedule juggling.

I walked the boys over to their school bus and then set off walking for a bit, all the while testing my achy foot. It seemed okay, though a little discomfort still lingered. I thought about plantar fasciitis coming back to haunt me, but pushed those thoughts aside and told myself that only running could fix what ailed me. (Right? If it hurts run! What, am I wrong? And why does Blogger's spell checker not have "fasciitis" in its dictionary? It always suggests Fascist. Dumbass Blogger...)

Anyway, after two kilometres of walking, during which my wife caught up to me on her bike, I set off at a slow and easy pace while chatting to her about lunch plans and such. Once those things were settled she pulled away on her commute to work and I continued to run. It was pretty good and I actually surprised myself with the pace I was able to maintain. The total ended up being 5km at a decent pace of 5:50/km. Not fast or anything, but given that on these morning commutes I am trying to keep my heart rate nice and low so as not to break out in a sweat it was not bad at all!

I decided to skip my regular leg workout due to the fact that my legs were still pretty stiff from the last session on Monday and that I'd also have to run home at the end of the day, choosing instead to hook up with Mon for lunch. It was good.

The run home was also a good one. I was running a bit late (pardon the pun) and so my original plan of running home, taking a shower, then driving over to Owen's school to collect him and take him to softball practice was not going to work out. Instead, I had to run all the way to his school and walk home with him prior to getting to practice. That meant that the seven kilometres I had on tap in the back of my mind ended up being 8.75km and the planned 6:00/km pace ended up being 5:23/km. The best part is it felt pretty good and not that tough at all. My average heart rate was still 139bpm!

The total for the day was a decent 13.75km and I am also running to and from work tomorrow, though I will not be running to his school afterwards and, therefore, my mileage should be kept in check. Must not let it get too high prior to my weekend long run or I know some part of my body will bite me in the ass.

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