Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Twist

After missing Wednesday's walk/run I was itching to test out the Achilles today and decided to do the whole walk to work and then run home thing on a Friday. As I was walking this morning I couldn't help it and decided to test the heel by running TO work.

I walked for 2.5k and then started up in a slow jog. It was OK, I suppose, though I didn't want to push it for a couple of reasons. One, I was afraid of a setback, and Two, I didn't want to sweat. I kept my heart rate below 130bpm and arrived dry after a decent 4.5km run.

At lunch I decided to mix things up a bit and instead of going to the gym (figuring that running twice in one day entitled me to a little bit of rest rather than adding an extra upper body weight workout) I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario. I am lucky in that I work right around the corner from the AGO and also have recently purchased a family membership. This allows me to, in theory for this is my first visit other than seeing the King Tut exhibit, to go there for a short stay and not worry about any costs. I wanted to check out the Thompson collection of model ships, and I must say that it was very cool. I was definitely impressed with the skill that is required to build these models, many of which are hundreds of years old. I then went exploring a bit and had a surreal experience when I happened upon an exhibit that included a running film projection of atomic bomb explosions. The surreal part was that these explosions were all taking place in the water, filmed from the air, and right in the middle of a large number of ships set up to test the destructive effects of these weapons. The whole experience left me a bit angry actually. Thought provoking, as art should be.

After work I hit the streets again for my run home. If you could call what happened a "run", that is. More like a hobble. Let's just say I was not having fun as I jogged 10km. At least I got all the way home. I am really perplexed why my body continues to give me trouble. I am being as conservative as possible and yet aches and pains are a constant companion.

At least I did manage my first "two-a-day", though it was forgettable at best. Here's hoping my Achilles recovers by Sunday so I can get my long run done.

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