Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sleep. What a Concept!

A quick note to remind me that SLEEP IS IMPORTANT!!!

There, that should do it...

Well, I guess I will have trouble remembering what this was all about if I don't fill in some of the details. Recently I have not been getting good sleep, and by recently I mean the last two to three months. Actually it's hard enough to remember how long it's been that I am only estimating when I say two to three months and it could be much longer.

In any case, last night Owen's baseball practice was cancelled because of the heat (no need to see kids get heat stroke even if yours truly likes the oven-like atmosphere) and I found myself watching the pre-recorded Spain-Germany semi-final of World Cup 2010 a bit earlier than I'd expected. After the boys went to bed at halftime I continued to watch the game as the light outside started to dim. It was not even 9pm and I started to drift in and out of consciousness. I was awake enough to see Spain score the lone goal of the game, after which I used the PVR to handily flip ahead 30 seconds at a time right up to the final whistle.

On any other night I would have then gotten up to do something else, and by that I mean exciting things like laundry, or I would have gone through a stretching routine while finding some other sport to watch on the tube. This time, however, my body won the battle of "what to do" and I simply turned off the lights. It couldn't have been even 9:30pm and I was totally asleep. And even though I woke up the next morning and noticed that the clock read 5:27am, after which I proceeded to "sleep in" until 6:30am, I had achieved something that had eluded me for quite some time: a good night's sleep!

Fast forward to this afternoon and my leg workout at the gym. I didn't clue in until just now, but I suspect the reason why I had a great workout is because of that sleep!!!

So, word to the wise (which, clearly, does not include me): GET SOME SLEEP!!!

And keep on running...

Tomorrow morning I plan on heading out for another 15km run, and it should be fun! The heat is supposed to be breaking overnight, and although I might have to run in the rain I am definitely psyched to keep on logging my training runs.



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