Friday, January 28, 2011

Miserable Cold!

This friggin' cold can just go ahead and kiss it, as far as I'm concerned. The week so far has been dominated by the virus. I stayed home from work on Monday and Tuesday trying to keep warm while using up every tissue I could find. By Wednesday the nose faucet had been converted to a pipe full of cement and I made it into work only because I had a Doctor's appointment (on an unrelated matter) in the morning and I figured if I'm up to making it to that I should be up for going to work. It was NOT fun, but I did go and run 8km on the treadmill at lunch. Actually, the running was just an excuse to be able to use the shower.

Thursday was a non-running day, as usual, but once again I felt like crap. This time the excuse to use the shower came in the form of leg weights.

And today I can safely say that I feel a little bit better. My sinus pressure headache is still there and I continue to jettison stuff out of my head that looks like florescent green toxic waste (with tremendous effort, I might add, which doubles as an ab workout), but I did mange to sleep through the night for the first time this week! I even got up early enough for a short 5km recovery run before work.

Then, at lunch, I used the treadmill as another excuse to visit the showers and ran 8km. I felt a bit drained and started to overheat in the middle, but it got done. The first 5 minutes were at 6.7mph (5:34/km, 8:57/mile) and the rest was at 7.6mph (4:54/km, 7:54/mile) for a total of 40:04 of treadmilling. Given the way I've been feeling that should be considered a fantastic effort.

Now excuse me while I try and find another excuse to visit a hot shower pronto...

Oh yeah, with my runs today I snuck up over 200km for the month of January! I think that's great, especially given that I've missed three or four training runs this month due to injury (right calf) and illness (miserable cold!).

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