Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hurts So Good

This afternoon I went to see the massage therapist and got him to work on my calves since they have been getting tighter and tighter, and no amount of stretching has been helping to loosen them up. I haven't seen him in quite some time, but I knew that this visit would be anything but relaxing given how my previous sessions went. No New Age music, no chance of nodding off - this was going to be pain for gain, pure and simple.

And he didn't disappoint. This was a grueling session to say the least. The only surprise was that my left calf hurt more than my right. I am seeing him again on Monday for another torture test, but if I remember correctly each session gets slightly better than the last as the muscles finally start to loosen up.

Tonight I headed out into the windy evening for a relatively easy 6km run. The worst of the predicted winds seemed to have passed by the time I went out, but it was still pretty gusty. I tried to choose a route that had me run into the wind for the first half and with it at the end, but this did not work out so well in part because the wind seemed to be swirling from all directions and partly because I was not running an out and back. I managed to run pretty easy and finished in 33:15 for an average pace of 5:32/km. My heart rate average was 146bpm.

The foot continues to be tight, and I did not expect the massage to work miracles. I just hope that this helps to make it feel a bit better as I head towards the Around the Bay 30k and my physio appointment on the 35th. After a couple of ibuprofen to help with that and the sore calves on account of the massage it's time for a nice night of sleep. Precious, precious sleep.

Until 5am that is, at which point we'll be woken up by our 4 year-old. He's almost better than an alarm clock since this has been the routine for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I get back to sleep, sometimes I don't. I just hope tonight I can sleep right through until my actual alarm goes off.

Garmin don't lie.

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